3 Simple Steps to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

3 Simple Steps to Stop Yelling at your kids. Parenting is tough, this post makes it a bit easier.

I'd like to think that most parents don't want to yell at their kids.  There are thousands of reasons why we yell, and probably just as many tips to stop.  Just Google "stop yelling at kids" and you'd … [Read more...]

When Mom and Dad have Different Parenting Styles

What to do when parents aren't quite on the same page.

“I guess what I’m asking is, how do I get my husband to make more positive changes and parent more like I do?” This is a very short quote from a very long email I got from a reader recently.  I coul … [Read more...]

Am I Ruining The Relationship With My Child?

Am I Ruining The Relationship With My Child?

"How many of my horrible Mommy Moments will my kids actually remember when they are older?" That was a recent question I got during a parenting interview. It's one of those questions that stops … [Read more...]

How to Handle Picky Eaters

My Child Won't Eat! This is some really good info on why kids are picky and some very practical tips to get kids to eat.

I sit across from the little boy at my kitchen table.  His parents are here too.  A full plate of delicious food in front of him and he won't eat. His parents push, bribe, and coax him to e … [Read more...]

My Child Chews on Everything!

WHY children chew on everything and a few tips that might help.

This post does contain affiliate links. "J!  Take that out of your mouth!"  I say that about a thousand times a day. You see, my son's a chewer.  He is four years old and he still puts stuff in hi … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Feel Like an Awesome Mom

You are an awesome Mom! Don't feel like you are though? Here's 3 ways to embrace your awesomeness!

Hey there Mama, did you know that you are awesome? I know, I know you might not feel that way sometimes, but you really are. You do so much for your family and your kids. It's hard sometimes … [Read more...]


Be Enough

Every so often I fully embrace a mantra that becomes the focus of my life. In graduate school, I was depressed.  So depressed.  I worked really hard to pull myself out of that depression and one of … [Read more...]

“My Child Won’t Listen to Me!”

My child will not listen

You're in a fight.  A fight with your child..again.  All you want her to do is clean her room. Maybe she just flat out refuses, stomps around and gets angry.  Or maybe she plays and does everything … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of Mom Guilt Once and For All!

Get rid of mom guilt

Mom guilt. I could write thousands of posts on mom guilt.  Thousands. Mainly because I hear from so many Mamas out there who are dealing with heart crushing guilt about their parenting or … [Read more...]

Parenting Book Review: Siblings Without Rivalry

Siblings Without Rivalry

This post does contain affiliate links.  I admit it, I adore parenting books.  I guess it's because my passion is helping parents feel confident in their parenting, so I try to stay up to date in all … [Read more...]