Snapshot of our Life: A Rainy Day

I’ve had several emails from readers asking me how I handle parenting two kids and are genuinely interested in what my days look like.   So a few months ago I wrote down what happened around my house on a typical day.

On this particular day, it was raining and I decided to keep the boys home and have a pajama day.

A day in the life of a SAHM

J was 3 years old, E was 7 months old


3:30am – I’m in E’s room feeding him for the 4th night in a row.  He’s been sleeping through the night for months, so he must be going through some sort of growth spurt.  When he’s done, I lay him down awake and head back to bed.  He’s quiet, so I go to sleep.

7:15am – I wake up, notice it’s rainy and immediately deem today a pajama day.  I then notice the time, and wonder what J is up to.  He is usually up and out of his bed at 6:45.  I head downstairs and he is sitting on the couch watching a TV show.  He tells me that Dad started his show before he left for work, and told him to leave me alone so I could sleep…go hubby!  I grab my first cup of coffee and sit with J.  We start his second show.

A Day in the life of  a SAHM

7:25am – E wakes up.  I get him out of bed, change his diaper and clothes, then head downstairs and nurse him on the couch next to J.

7:50am – TV goes off and I start on breakfast.  I remember that tomorrow is grocery day and we have very few fresh foods in the house at the moment.  I throw together french toast for the boys, J gets the last apple, and I share a very ripe peach with E.

8:15am – J’s done eating, but I’m just now sitting down to eat..typical.  He is now begging me to read him books and keeps asking me to play with him.  I ask him to wait until E and I are done eating.  He heads to playroom and continues to ask me if I’m done eating until…

8:25am – I’m done eating. I wash off all the toast off of E and lay him on the carpet in the living room with some toys.  I wait to do the dishes, and I read books with J instead.

8:45am – I hit a balloon around with J.

9:00am – I grab E’s laundry and put it in the wash, head to the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes.  The boys are playing in the playroom and I pray that E doesn’t get maimed.

A day in the life of a SAHM

9:09am – J says he’s hungry…didn’t he just eat?  He sits at the counter and eats a graham cracker.  I make another cup of coffee…take a few sips.

9:12 am – Take E upstairs, change his diaper, sing a song, and put him down for a nap.

9:16am – I’m back and J’s done with his snack…I do dishes.  “Can you play with me now.”  I suggest that we make bread and he agrees to help.

A day in the life of a SAHM

9:50am – The bread dough is made and sitting to rise.  I do more dishes and trip over J’s fire truck on the way to the laundry room to switch E’s clothes to the dryer.

9:57am – Throw my full cup of coffee out and switch to drinking water.  I’ve had some supply issues due to dehydration, so I only drink water after 10am.

10:06am – I hear E talking in the monitor and pray that he goes back to sleep.

10:10am – I’m in the playroom playing Legos with J.  We build a construction site together and then hit around a balloon for a while.

A day in the life of a SAHM

10:33am – I notice that E is quiet and sleeping again.

10:45am – I shape the bread and let it rise again…did more dishes.

11:00am – Notice it’s lunch time.  E starts stirring.  I head to the bathroom and notice that J has unrolled most of the toilet paper on the floor.  I call him in to pick it up.

11:05am – J wants me to read more books.  I ask him to read by himself for a bit while I make lunch.   He decides that the best place to read would be in the middle of the kitchen floor when I’m trying to cook.  I hear E talking.

11:07am – I head upstairs to get E, change his diaper, and bring him downstairs.  I put him the the exersaucer while I continue to make lunch.  J asks if he can make his  own sandwich, and I let him.

A day in the life of a SAHM

11:10am – E starts crying, I get food at the table and nurse E while I eat.  I have a leftover meatloaf sandwich and chips. J has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the rest of this morning’s apple, frozen peas, and chips.  I make a mental list of all the stuff we need at the grocery store, and pray I don’t forget to write it all down on my list.

11:45am – I lay E down in the playroom with J and hope he doesn’t get maimed.  I then clean lunch dishes and notice that the bread has a good rise, so I put it in the oven.

11:47am – J asks me if we can paint outside.  I remind him of the rain.  He suggests that we paint the kitchen chairs yellow.  Um…I tell him that I can either put paper on the table or the floor and he can paint there.  He chooses the table.

11:50am – I set up the paint on the table.  J hears the garbage truck outside so we run outside to see it.  I run back inside and grab E, I tell J to stay on the porch, and pray that he listens.  I’m gone less than a minute, and J is still on the porch when I return…whew.

A day in the life of a SAHM

11:57am – We’re back inside and J is painting at the table.  I check on E in the playroom and remove all potential hazards off the floor.

12:00pm – I smell the bread and noticed that I forgot to set a timer…good thing I wrote it down on this list…I rock!  J is done painting and hears more garbage trucks…so we run back outside.A day in the life of a SAHM

12:10pm – We come back inside and I smell the bread….totally forgot about it again.  I run and get it out of the oven.  It’s a bit overdone, but not too bad.  I head back into the playroom to hang out with the boys.

12:23pm – J says he’s hungry again…seriously?!  We share some warm bread and milk.

12:30pm – We head back into the playroom.  J is doing the pee pee dance and I ask him to go.  He cries and yells, but goes anyway.  I set a timer for 15 minutes.

12:45pm – The timer goes off, and I tell J to start cleaning.  I take E upstairs, change his diaper, sing a song, and lay him in his crib for naptime.

12:50pm – I go back downstairs and am pleased to see that J is actually cleaning the playroom.  It’s hit or miss most days.

12:52pm – I take J upstairs to his room for nap.  We read two book and sing two songs.

1:04pm – I go downstairs and have a missed call from my brother.  I call him back and fold laundry while on the phone.

1:45pm – I open my computer to work on the blog and watch some TV.

2:45pm – E wakes up.  I go get him, change his diaper and I bring him downstairs.  My hubby calls to make sure I’m alive and to check in.  The UPS guy leaves a package and rings the doorbell…I pray it doesn’t wake up J.

3:00pm – I feed E while finishing my TV show…Catfish, if you’re wondering.

3:15pm – I sit on the floor with E and work on my grocery list.

A day in the life of a SAHM

3:45pm – I put away E’s laundry, clean up the paint off the table, have a piece of cinnamon bread, and wait for J to wake up.

4:15pm – J’s awake and comes downstairs.  He’s a bit groggy but says he wants a snack.  I give him more bread and grapes.

4:20pm – E starts getting fussy, so I take him upstairs, change his diaper, sing a song and put him in his crib.  He’s crying this time…I think I waited too long to put him down for a nap.

4:30pm – I head downstairs and J hasn’t touched his bread…says he’s waiting on me.  I notice that E is quiet and sleeping.

4:40pm – J asks me to “make science” (baking soda and vinegar) when I’m cleaning dishes and paint cups.

A day in the life of a SAHM

4:45pm – I set up “science” while J does puzzles.

4:50pm – J’s playing and I have some time.  Not quite sure what to do, so I check my facebook and email.

A day in the life of a SAHM

4:57pm – J’s done playing and says he wants to play with me.  We head to his playroom and we build his train tracks.

5:20pm – I try to start making dinner, but J asks to read more books.  I have another 10 minutes until I really need to start, so I read books.

5:30pm – I start making dinner, BLT Pasta.  J really wants to help, but I say no because there isn’t much he can help with, and now I don’t have time to waste.  E wakes up.

5:32pm – I head upstairs to get E, change his diaper and lay him downstairs in the playroom, and pray he doesn’t get maimed.  I start wondering when my husband will be home.

A day in the life of a SAHM

5:35pm – Now I start making dinner.  J continues to come into the kitchen asking me to play, and even tells me to stop cooking so I can help his dump truck that’s stuck in pretend mud.  Now, I’m really wondering where in the world my husband is.

5:50pm – E starts fussing.  I put him in the exersaucer.

6:00pm – Text from husband “OMG….OMW…”  Finally!  J continues to ask me to play and needing my help.  I wonder why he won’t play with the trains we had just set up.  E starts fussing again.

A day in the life of a SAHM

6:12pm – Hubby walks through door, picks up E.  I start plating dinner.

6:15pm – We eat dinner together and talk about our day, remind J to use his manners, and watch E make a huge mess with his pasta.

6:35pm – Finished with dinner and hubby starts cleaning the kitchen.  I play balloons and read books with boys in the living room.

A day in the life of a SAHM

7:00pm – I nurse E while my hubby gives J a bath upstairs.

7:30pm – J is downstairs cleaning the playroom.  I take E upstairs, changed his diaper and clothes, sang a song, and laid him down for bed.

7:40pm – J has finished cleaning and gets rewarded with some time on the tablet.

7:50pm – Hubby takes J upstairs for bed.  I change out of my pajamas and into clean pajamas.

8:00pm – I pour myself a glass of wine and settle down on the couch with my husband and we watch a few episodes of The Sopranos.

10:00pm – I drag myself to bed.


It was a nice day, but a busy one.  I’ve actually done a previous post like this two years ago (J was just shy of 2 years old), when I was a Mom of just one.  Read it here to see how things have changed!  Tell me, are your days like this or are they very different?

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  1. Love the snapshot of your day! What a wonderful way to look back years from now!
    OneMommy recently posted…Kid Movies NEED Kid-Appropriate MusicMy Profile

  2. Such a nice idea – I wish I had done this when my kids were smaller to help me remember the chaos I survived and also the magical moments we shared each day. One bit of advice…put a note on the door that says “Please knock. Baby sleeping” and then tape over your doorbell. It has saved us multiple accidental wake-ups from delivery men. Now if only I could get my dog to stop barking at them. :)

  3. This made for a fascinating read. I’m one of those people who ask moms with more than one kid how they get everything done! I think it’s incredible that you get time to nurse your baby, do the laundry, make bread, so science projects, and blog about it. Just wow!
    Tarana recently posted…Thankful for being a motherMy Profile

    • Thanks for reading and the sweet comment. I guess I just keep moving until it gets done. I’m so weary at the end of the day, but it’s totally worth it!

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