Parenthood Mantras: “Just Wait”

One of the best parenting tips I’ve ever heard is “just wait”.

The Power of Just WaitWhen they’re fussy…just wait.  Really listen, pay attention to them.  Look for the reason why.  Are they tired, hungry, need to connect?  Then you can take care of the need.  When you rush, you don’t always notice the reason why they’re doing what they’re doing.

When it looks like they need some help with a problem…just wait.  They will either amaze you with their problem solving skills or let you know when they need help. When you rush in, you take away the joy of them figuring it out on their own.

When they’re developing more slowly than you’d like…just wait.  One day they’ll get it, and it will be awesome.

When you’re ready for them to be potty trained..just wait.  They will show signs when they’re ready, and it will be so much easier on both of you.

When they’re busy playing and you want them to move onto something else…just wait.  Let them finish their work and they will be more likely to comply.

Just wait.  Be patient.  Let them grow as they need to grow.

It’s so simple to understand, yet so hard to do.

But, if you just wait, your children will amaze you.

Please read this post from Janet Lansbury to read more about the concept of waiting.


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  1. What a beautiful thing to remember! There are days that seem to drag on and on because of their behavior — but “just wait” works there too — there are so many better days!

    Thanks for the link up!
    OneMommy recently posted…Mr. Tiger Goes WildMy Profile

  2. I love this parenting mantra. It’s so true! Just wait!!
    Jennifer Fischer recently posted…{Ten for #GivingTuesday} Ten Ways to Kick Off the Season of Giving!My Profile

  3. Amanda, I read your blog often and every time I sit down to check out your latest posts it is like you are writing to me. I have noticed that since I have become a stay at home mom (I was a teacher before baby #2 was born last year) I have started over-analyzing everything WAYYYYYYY too much. Since I don’t have a classroom of students to analyze, I just focus TOO much energy on analyzing my kids…I need to practice the “just wait” mantra daily. After much over analysis of my 3 year-olds lack of desire to color/draw/”write” after countless ignored “invitations” — today she drew her first “person” — two arms, a head, two eyes and she “colored in the shirt.” At 38 months, she decided she was ready…and I just needed to stop pushing.

    Thank you!!

    • It’s hard for me not to over-analyze too! Waiting and being patient is so difficult, but I’m always amazed at how my boys just do it one day. They don’t need pressure or lots of instruction, they will get it when they are ready. The problem is that I’m usually ready before they are! Congrats to your little girl for her person!

  4. so true. this is such great advice. I know I said i wasn’t going to feature cohosts but you guys have such great posts that I think I have broken that rule every week, and this will be no different, gonna feature this tomorrow.
    The Monko recently posted…Our Christmas shopping adventureMy Profile


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